We are razorMonkey.

We develop small video games for Windows browsers and Android platforms.

We are currently working on a new mobile action game for android.

Battlesun 2

Retro neon action game. Your behemoth tank versus swarms of gunships and mechs crawlers at the hands of ruthless Triumvirate of Evil.

Beat 3 different worlds, 6 evil bosses and bring peace to the galaxy!

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Break'n with nebulas

Breakout homage with reversed gameplay.

Control your ball, break all bricks, collect bonuses, avoid enemies and try not to fall! Includes awesome Hubble backgrounds from http://spacetelescope.org

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Xorched galaxy

Our first game, humble beginning with hard pronounceable name.

Homage to classic artillery games like Scorched Earth. Beat your competitors, earn money to buy better tank, better gun and better ammo. Multiple endings available depending on your performance!

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Action tower defense game.

Defend thy tower against attackers with thy balloon and flying saucers.

Bosses, levels, story and upgrades!

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